As Golden Retriever breeders, we aim to place our puppies in caring family homes and occasionally in show homes. The questionnaire will provide basic information about your household, family structure and whether you plan to be involved in any of the formal dog activities, as well as the usual family walks and recreation. Answering the questions will help you consider the various attributes of the breed and the suitability of your home where puppies will be given affection, exercise, mental and sensory stimulation and importantly, more than the basic training. Golden Retrievers might look, from a distance, very laid back but they are a strong breed and training is vital in order to ensure that they become a responsive and obedient family pet. Regular daily training will provide the growing pupppy with mental stimulation and provide the opportunity to develop a wonderful bond with both adults and children.

When considering a second pet for your home, the following link provides excellent advice I recommend you read. Whilst a second dog will provide activity and fun to help stimulate and exercise the new and the older dog, the owner as the provider, will be the primary focus for both dogs and not reduce the need for training by you. Here is the link:

In order to discuss your answers to the questionnaire and our plans for a litter, you will NEED to telephone me on 98987192 or 0411462730 and ask for Wendy. This discussion will be helpful in determining a place on our waiting list. We do need to meet families with young children to determine their suitability for one of our puppies. Whilst the bond between children and their dog is such a special one, children do need to be mature enough to accept that there are rules regarding chasing the puppy, screaming when it chases them, disturbing the puppy when he/she is asleep - to name a few, in the early months of a puppy's life. Feel free to ask about these in more detail.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Wendy and Ian

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Have you owned a Golden Retriever before ?
Have you trained a puppy before?
Do you have at least 1 hour to regularly train a puppy each week?
Have you ever belonged to an Obedience or Breed Dog Club?
Do you have a preference for a male or female puppy?
Where will the dog live?
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being involved in any of the following activities
Showing Breeding
Tracking Agility
Puppy school
Obedience training
How keen are you to show your dog ?
How often do you plan to walk your dog ?
Do you plan to join a dog obedience club?
On average, how many hours each day will the dog be at home alone?
This space is provided so that you can tell us about your lifestyle and your commitment to owning a Golden Retriever. Goldens will not be happy if they are left alone for long hours and as social animals, the time you can give to walking, training and socialising your dog is of critical importance to us. A bored dog can be a destructive dog or a nuisance barker. Can you please provide information about working hours of both adults each week.